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Notre philosophie

Le langage
 du cœur

Our Philosophy

A Language of the Heart

Our Philosophy

A Language of the Heart

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a dialogue between matter and spirit to honour the greatest moments of existence—to remember that life is a gift and that there is nothing more precious than to gather and connect with those we love.

By offering unique sculptures to remember and honor symbolic moments in life, we hope to help give more meaning to existence. Through the language of the heart, we wish to invite everyone to change their outlook on the world and to see more of its love and poetry.

“Beauty will save the world”
- Dostoevsky

Notre mission

Notre mission est de faire naître un dialogue entre la matière et l’esprit pour mettre en lumière les grands moments de la vie. Parce qu’il n’y a rien de plus précieux que de se rassembler et de se relier pour vivre ensemble des instants de magie.

En créant des objets uniques pour se souvenir et honorer les moments symboliques de la vie, nous espérons contribuer à donner plus de sens à l’existence. Par le langage du cœur, nous souhaitons inviter chacun à changer son regard sur le monde pour y voir plus d’amour et de poésie.

“La beauté sauvera le monde.”
- Dostoïevski

Our Values

With the goal of creating refined and precise sculptures, we have carefully selected local artisans with a passion for their work. Each of our pieces is carved with care by stone carvers, woodworkers and jewellers who wish to collaborate with us in the creation of meaningful objects. 

Inspired by nature, we choose sustainable and natural materials such as stones, precious metals and fine woods to create our sculptures. Each of our creations tells a unique story in a symbolic and delicate language.

Our objects stand out by their poetry, elegance and refinement.