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Our Story


Violaine Camal

Violaine was a midwife in Belgium before settling in Montreal, then worked as an obstetrics nurse at the Centre hospitalier universitaire Sainte-Justine for over ten years. Her sensitivity and concern for alleviating suffering led her to specialize in perinatal grief, supporting families who had lost a baby during pregnancy.

After a health scare in 2015, which gave her a new appreciation for the precarious nature of existence, she decided to live her life with depth and authenticity. This shift in focus inspired Violaine to undertake studies in rituals and sacred spaces.

Today, her mission is to honour and celebrate the miracle of life by bringing enchantment to those around her.

“I believe in the strength of gatherings imbued with magic. These unique moments transform us and help us feel fully alive. Life is a gift, let’s cherish it by connecting with each other and giving all our love. ”

Gaëtan Havart

A graduate of the University of Liège, Gaëtan Havart worked as an architect and designer for nearly fifteen years with established firms such as Provencher Roy, Sid Lee Architecture and GSM Project.

Specialized in spatial user experience, Gaëtan’s projects subtly draw out our emotions. Suffused with softness and light, his work is an invitation to contemplation.

His sensitivity for beauty, and admiration for exquisite hand-crafted objects are inherited from his blacksmith grandfather. Following in his footsteps, he dreams of uniting art and matter in the service of humanity. 

A beautiful space has the power to re-enchant us, to amaze us, to allow us to contemplate things anew. I strongly believe that by infusing all of our projects with love, we have the power to create a world where humans and nature can coexist gracefully.” 

A Shared Vision

After having practised our respective professions for several years with passion and dedication, we have decided to join forces and place our own “foundation stone” together, using our shared talents towards the creation of a better world. 

Our partnership as husband and wife has now expanded to this exciting, shared venture. It is now hand in hand that we create poetics and delicate sculptures together to honour and celebrate life.